BPO Services

With over 13 years of experience in logistics outsourcing services, E-Visible is the only has the capabilities to add tremendous value to your business through streamlined logistics processes. We adapt our logistics outsourcing services to cater to the needs of each client and enhance their supply chain. Being the largest logistics BPO company in Sri Lanka, E-Visible places paramount importance on security, quality and accuracy while completing logistics support services. We have a dedicated team of agents, with the role of specifically focusing on providing solutions for the shipping and logistics industry. All team members undergo comprehensive industry-specific training, to ensure they have a broad insight into logistics and are able to produce outcomes that will thoroughly benefit clients. E Visible provides end-to-end logistics BPO solutions specialized in FMCG, Apparel, Manufacturing and Pharma industries. We provide support services for the core aspects of logistics, along with a large scope of additional services to reduce costs and streamline your supply chain.

Back Office Business Process Outsourcing

An organization’s back-office management can significantly impact its success. Large volumes of data accrue on a daily basis, from various transactional processes such as order fulfillment, application processing, transaction processing, billing, and collections that require effective back-office solutions.

E-Visible is a reputed leader in empowering numerous businesses and organizations through high-quality back office BPO services that promote enhanced business efficiency and improved bottom line.

PO management

Purchasing and procurement are important parts of the business. For that reason, it should not be done with the pen-paper technique. Manual mistakes and errors can cause the company a huge loss. E-Visible has over a decade experience managing over 30,000 PO’s annually for some of multinational companies in Sri Lanka.

boi audit 2

Every BOI company registered in Sri Lanka must comply with accounting standards and reporting protocols. BOI inspectors and revenue department officials will strictly monitor your transgressions to ensure that your company follows basic reporting of taxes and other levies. E-Visible can help you with best practices for BOI compliance control measures and recommended actions to handle BOI Customs related audits and challenges to mitigate the risk of past, current and future shipments.

Recommended actions and best practices to handle a BOI audit by Customs.


shipping management 2

Shipping desk Solution which E-Visible started offering to the market 13 years ago and today E-Visible has become to the biggest operator in Sri Lanka.

container deposit 1

Container deposit is a specified amount that the importer is made to pay as a guarantee for the return of the container after the goods in it have been discharged. Most of the companies face huge losses of not managing these deposits as the process as Sri Lanka follows a traditional process where most of the work done manually.
E-Visible offers a service to its customers to manage this process virtually where customers have a guarantee of getting their deposits from the lines.

Why BPO Sri Lanka?

The growing BPO industry in Sri Lanka offers a unique advantage for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to enjoy premium access to a high-quality talent pool, which is becoming increasingly challenging in large established destinations such as India and China. The environment is also highly conducive for establishing high-in-demand niche competency centers out of competition for even larger global services companies.

The national level competency development programs focus on building Sri Lanka as a Center of Excellence (COE) for key focus domain areas. Software services sector focus on Telecommunication, Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) and Software Testing.

The BPO sector focus on Financial & Accounting services, Investment research, Engineering services and UK based Legal services.

The E-Visible Promise

Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow.