Digitalized Shipping Platform

Optimized Supply Chain Management with Technology!

BRIDGE is a scalable Shipping Management Software that will help you to manage and analyze all of your Supply Chain and Shipping operations from the convenience of one platform.

With the core aspects of BRIDGE being Automation and a Centralized Platform, managing the Supply Chain Process has never been easier. Whether or not you already have an existing ERP System in place, BRIDGE will help you to optimize your Shipping Operations with customized solutions. In terms of practical solutions, BRIDGE provides you with the ability to raise purchase orders, monitor real-time Shipment Movements, mitigate risks in Transit and efficiently manage all of your documentation and data

Do more of what you always wanted

Centralized Platform

All of your Shipping activities are on one Platform to increase visibility and coordination in the Supply Chain Process.

Automated Process

BRIDGE is built on the foundation of automation to make Raising Purchase Orders and Creating Shipments more process driven.


BRIDGE helps in minimizing human errors and as a result, lowers unwanted costs. Be it Pesky Demurrages or even Transport detention costs, BRIDGE has got you covered!

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