Export Shipping Management

To handle this explosive growth, organizations must streamline processes and minimize manual labor, while ensuring compliance with global trade rules. Outsourcing shipping and export management-related business processes to an experience BPO can help you to build a more efficient global trade execution system which results in a bigger market share.

Many organizations that ship internationally use their own process and staff which takes a large portion of your organization structure. E-Visible can help you to streamline the documentation and compliance requirements associated with the export shipping process which is able to gather insight into how shipping and export management impact the operations.

  • Currently e-visible carries out the following activities for some of the biggest exporters in Sri Lanka
  • Receiving dispatch plan/sales order
  • Preparing commercial documents
  • Carrier bookings
  • Export forwarding
  • Bank documentation
  • Recording documents

The E-Visible Promise

We are committed to developing, building and maintaining quality automation systems that help you reach your goals. Whether your aim is reduced downtime, improved quality, increased efficiency and productivity, enhanced safety, or reduced energy costs, we’re here to help with professional service and expertise you can rely on.