Freight Management

For companies thriving on the global stage, management of complex supply chains and execution of a vast network of logistics is a daily routine. With continuous technological advancements, the pace of the transportation and logistics industry has also increased at an exponential rate. In the way of managing all the related processes, there are several challenges and hurdles that the related companies face. For effortless functioning and continuous growth of your business, BPO offers excellent Logistics and transportation BPO services

e-visible has been working incessantly for the past 13 years. To tackle all the issues at hand, we offer exclusive services with a result-driven approach to provide maximum benefit to our clients. We deliver end-to-end transportation and logistics solutions that are customized as per the requirement.

Our services are devised in such a manner that it reduces the cost of operations and mitigates risks. At e-visible, we understand client requirements and offer respective services. Our team of professionals is available each second of the day to provide you with top-notch outsourcing facilities.

Data Entry Services

The task of transportation and logistics requires smooth and timely delivery of goods. Companies utilize digitization for better handling of documentation along with quick and smooth pickup and shipment delivery.

Logistics data entry is an important process in the logistics industry. It includes handling and management of purchase data entry, bill of lading (BOL data entry), B3 form data entry, invoice processing, freight bills, and much more. The task of logistics data entry is cumbersome with the requirement of a high degree of clerical and technical competency. To ensure no additional cost is charged to the organization, it requires expert freight billing clerks to handle the logistics data entry process. Logistic data entry companies help in the smooth running of supply chain management thus increasing overall efficiency.

Centralize global logistics operations digital platform CARGO WISE is one of the ERPs we are specialized for data entry service.

Centralize global logistics operations digital platform CARGO WISE is one of the ERP we are specialized for data entry service.

CARGOWISE we could manage

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Freight Audit and Payment

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Logistics Data Entry

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