Local Procurement Management

Procuring goods and services from external suppliers can be a critical path for many projects. Often, the performance of the supplier will reflect on the performance of the overall project team. It’s therefore crucial that you manage your local supplier’s performance carefully, to ensure that they produce deliverables that meet your expectations. e-visible team is part of most companies’ local procurement management.

We are responsible for

  • Arranging advance payments to suppliers
  • The vendor delivers the promised goods/services within the stipulated timeline. After receiving them, the purchaser examines the order and notifies the vendor of any issues with the received items.
  • Delivery timeframes and methods
  • Approve supplier payments
  • Review supplier performance against contract
  • Coordinate with warehouse for unloading
  • Closing PO in the ERP system

The E-Visible Promise

We are committed to developing, building and maintaining quality automation systems that help you reach your goals. Whether your aim is reduced downtime, improved quality, increased efficiency and productivity, enhanced safety, or reduced energy costs, we’re here to help with professional service and expertise you can rely on.