PO Management

Every business must purchase materials, products, or services to keep business operations running. And every purchase comes with the need to create and track a purchase order. There’s no doubt that purchase orders are the backbone of the direct-spend procurement process and that the success of an organization depends on the purchase order process running smoothly. A supply chain with effective purchase order management means that buyers and suppliers are communicating, PO changes are being acknowledged, and shipments arrive on time and are correctly filled. The majority of supply chain misses stem from this part of the PO process. Managing changes in pricing, quantities, and delivery dates requires constant emails and faxes back and forth between buyers and suppliers. This is where E-Visible can help you with their experience of handling over 30000 Po’s every year. Procurement for every manufacturing business will be split into two areas. Engineering is where the procurement is placed from the factory side and raw and packing take place from the corporate level. Most of the company’s procurement for raw and packing is streamlined to some level but always engineering procurement is neglected

Virtual PO Management - Engineering

Once the Buyer at the factory sends the purchase orders to a supplier by copying the e-visible centralized team, we will take care of the total process which includes

Supplier payments according to the agreed payment term in the PO




Insurance, License & prior approval status of shipments


Accuracy of commercial documents

Agentes de aduanas - Servicios aduaneros y despachos

Coordinate customs clearance


Warehouse Planning


Insurance claims & maintain records

PO Management – Visibility

E-Visible manages purchase orders with a digitalized platform (www.scmstudeo.biz) which gives the customers real-time visibility.

The E-Visible Promise

We are committed to developing, building and maintaining quality automation systems that help you reach your goals. Whether your aim is reduced downtime, improved quality, increased efficiency and productivity, enhanced safety, or reduced energy costs, we’re here to help with professional service and expertise you can rely on.