Client's Testimonials

“E-visible is with Fonterra for more than 3 years and over the period of time, has seen an increase in overall performance level. The team is knowledgeable in the scope of the area they handle and agile in managing the changes in the current volatile environment. There is a good relationship with the internal and external key stakeholders which has resulted in smoother E2E supply chain delivery. The team is well approachable and always works on a positive attitude of getting things done while complying with the set standards.”
1. Mr. Aruna Sumanathilake
Fonterra Sri Lanka
“Shipment clearance hasn’t been an integrated process at Nestle, buyers liaising directly with CHAs in his own area of import. The process got streamlined when e-visible came into the picture, with a team of experts who are skillful and specialized in the area. E-visible team has proven today, that they can stand any challenge and live up to the task, bringing financial benefits, such as savings on demurrage”
2. Mr. Uditha Palliyaguru
Manager - Shipping Nestle Lanka PLC
“E-visible Shipping desk team has helped Unilever Sri Lanka to maintain an uninterrupted supply chain through their dedicated and committed team. Despite many external challenges in the recent past they have been able to maintain KPIs well above the targets hence their service delivery is exceptional. Since on-time delivery and clearance of imports and exports are of utmost importance in FMCG business the support given by E-visible Shipping desk team in fulfilling this requirement during trying times is highly appreciated and recognized by Unilever management..”
3. Mr. Ushan De Silva
Head of Shipping (Import & Export) Unilever Sri Lanka
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank and appreciate you all for the great job done after taking over the operation from PO to delivery, especially in the import category."
4. Mr. Pradeep Sisira Kumara
Manager – Procurement, Nestle Lanka

Case Study

What sort of process improvement did you find after E-Visible started managing your engineering PO?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and appreciate you all for the great job done after taking over the operation from PO to delivery, especially in the import category.

Actually, we have been facing many more challenges and spending a significant amount of time in that specific job role for years and have identified it as a non-value-added activity with the potential to use that time for strategies and process improvement by focusing on the core of the procurement role.

So, I would like to mention the results and process improvement of that initiative in brief as follows.

  1. Time saving / job efficiency:
  • We were able to increase our work efficiencies by eliminating particular non-value-added time slots
  • About 30-40% time saving
  • We were able to absorb the additional workload in the crisis situation without adding new resources
  1. On time Payment:
  • We have been facing many more challenges in the import payment process due to document misplacement, especially CUSDEC and AWB/BL.
  • We were able to centralize the document submitting process, especially in the import-related payment process.
  • This team was able to submit the set of documents like CUSDEC, main vendor invoices, AWB / BL, etc. to the accounts payable division.
  • These auxiliary vendor invoices, duty calculations, condition amendments in the POs, etc., etc are managed very well.
  • Therefore zero complaints from the main vendors and auxiliary vendors about their payments.
  1. Delivery Follow-up:
  • This team was able to follow up on the deliveries from the PO,  by coordinating with the respective suppliers, identifying the freight decisions, and planning the deliveries.
  • They were able to update the respective tracking sheets in a standard manner and ensured accuracy.
  • With that, we were able to like those tracking sheets and developed Power BI reports and improved the work visibility.
  • However, the local delivery follow up process is yet to be further improved and hope the particular team will be able to meet the targets, by overcoming the challenges.
  1. Shipping Desk, Customs Clearance, Banking Process:
  •  In the crisis situation in Sri Lanka, the SL government has changed the import payment process and it is very dynamic and changes from time to time.
  • Since our Shipping Desk operation is also managed by the same team, E-Visible teams was able to coordinate the same with minimum hassles to Nestle teams.
Mr. Pradeep Sisira Kumara
Manager – Procurement, Nestle Lanka