Warehousing Consultation

A wide array of companies big and small across multiple sectors needs warehouse consultants to support them on projects. The scope of projects ranges from inventory optimization to full warehouse layout design and warehouse process optimization. E-visible has consultants who could help you with some common problems that can result in a warehouse consulting project.

  • How can we optimise the existing space in our warehouse so that you can effectively process the growing numbers of sales orders?
  • How can you improve picking accuracy to avoid customer service issues related to receiving incomplete or incorrect orders?
  • How can you determine the warehouse activity-based costs for specific customers and products?
  • Where should our new warehouse be located and how big should it be?
  • You need a warehouse layout design with processes and a list of equipment to procure, how do we go about doing this?
  • When you need a new Warehouse management system (WMS), which one should you select?
  • Should you outsource our warehouse and logistics operations, and who are the appropriate service providers?


Our Value Added Services include:

  • Operational procedures
  • Equipment Management
  • ERP
  • Inventory Management


Although the consulting methods vary depending on the task, they should all be logical and analytical with your customers’ needs in mind. Outputs should include an options appraisal that considers trade-offs between factors such as labor, space and equipment costs. Solutions should will be recommended that enable the warehouse/logistics platforms to deliver the business strategy.

All of our team are experienced in carrying out warehouse consultancy projects with large and small organizations including VAS operations.

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